Signage for your New Business

How to get great signs for your new business.

Starting a new business can be an incredibly exciting and also extremely stressful. You will be making tons of decisions and spending lots of money to get the doors open and attract customers to your door. Good signs and placemaking are essential to the success of your new business. Effective signs will attract customers, get your business noticed, and also make it memorable for return visits.

Sign Types:

There are many kinds of signs available and most businesses will have a combination of a few different sign types. Here are the most common sign types:

Wall Mounted Signs

Channel Letter Signs

Marquee Signs

Monument Signs

Window Decals


Digital Signs

Design and Branding Tips For Your Storefront Sign

The purpose of your sign is for customers to quickly identify your establishment and differentiate from nearby shops. Here are a few suggestions to do it:

Think about how people will see your signs and where will they have the most visual impact.

Good signs use shape, color and materials to their advantage to stand out from other businesses.

Limit the amount of copy. Make sure the most important information is as big as possible.

Use interesting materials to make your sign memorable.

Build your Brand, use consistent colors and fonts for interior and exterior signs.

Know Your Local Zoning Regulations & Sign Code

It’s really important to understand your local sign code before you make your signs. Understanding zoning restrictions in advance will help you save time and money up front and also help you avoid potential fines and expensive re-work.

Find your Village below and click on the link to see the local sign permit applications.

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