Modular Signs and Nameplates

example of 2.5"x8.5 nameplate

example of 2.5"x8.5 nameplate

Nameplates, like business cards, gives a sense of importance to employees

Adding a nameplate to an employee desk makes them feel important and offers a sense of identity. They feel more a part of the company and believe that they would be recognized for their true contribution. In short, nameplates can make employees feel recognized and respected and ultimately a better associate, all for under $20. 

Fabricated from anodized aluminum & non-glare acrylic, modular the signs can easily be reconfigured in house with inserts printed from your printer for name changes, position or departmental changes.  This means no inserts to buy, saving you money.


Helps save time while navigating through office

Sailing through the office to find a department or to find a particular person for assistance can be time consuming. In most cases, an employee on his/her first day of work is lost amidst a bewildering maze of cubicles thus wasting much time in getting to know the team members. Modular nameplates and signs can make it easy for them to remember co-workers and feel like a part of the team.  Modular signs and nameplates have a high end look and make it easy for changes in departments and personnel.


Modular Signs offer a more organized look to the office space.

With affordable professional looking modular signs and nameplates in the office, the workplace gets a neater and more organized look.  Think how great it would be if there were no more tattered paper signs in the break room. Visitors in the office find it very impressive to observe clearly defined departments, teams, and conference rooms and nameplates make it easier for customers to remember your associates names.



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